21-12-2011 19:28
fırat (istanbul , türkey) e-mail
Siteniz çok güzel başarılarınızın devamını dileriz, Biladım Eğitim Merkezi
15-12-2011 20:52
Laura (Las Vegas , USA)
I couldn't join last year, but hope to be there this year. Good luck
09-12-2011 09:04
Myria (Leiden , Netherlands)
Yaaaay! The buzz is starting already! Can't wait till its summer, so we can dance, dance, watch dance and learn dance and dance at your festival :) :) :)
09-08-2011 21:30
Karen Bosma (Leiden ) e-mail
THANK YOU very much Anusch and all the people that made this festival happen! Me and my friends Marlous, Judith and Eva from Dos Bailadores dance school in Leiden had a great time this weekend! We learned many things, great teachers :-) See you next year??!
09-08-2011 16:28
Hana ( Republic of Korea) e-mail
It was great weekend thanks to Anusch! This is 1st time to be in Netherland but NICE. and festival gave me a lot. It is usefule to understand Bellydance! thaks!!! and the all bellydancers who performed at Spectacle show!!! was Gorgeous!!!!!!!
08-08-2011 12:57
Jan Roelfsema ( Nederland) e-mail
The first time I went to a festival like this. It was a beautiful show and I hope here will be a festival next year! With Amar!
Anusch, you did a wonderful job, congratulations!
08-08-2011 10:17
Amar Lammar (UAE , Mexico)
Dear u all, i can't express in words how wonderful was been part of this project and thank you to Anusch for bringing this fest to Beautiful Holland!!! looking forward to comeback next year!!!!
14-07-2011 03:01
Anusch (LEIDEN , The Netherlands)
I can't wait to see you all at the festival. hugs Anusch
26-05-2011 13:18
Deeya (New Delhi , India)
Wish I could join your festival, but it's really toooo far. Hope the next time you will make a big show here in India.
Good luck to you and all the other dancers.
18-05-2011 18:27
Mary (IL , USA) e-mail
WoW amazing site ! Keep on the good work

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